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The poet demonstrably blames capitalism for the fight of Puerto Rican migrants

The poet demonstrably blames capitalism for the fight of Puerto Rican migrants

Pietri requires offense with commodification in the fight into obligations peonage facing many migrants.

Juan died waiting for his numbers to hit Miguel died waiting for the benefit check in the future and run and arrive again Milagros died looking forward to the woman ten young children to grow up and operate very she could give up functioning Olga died waiting for a five dollar raise Manuel passed away waiting around for their supervisor to drop lifeless so the guy could easily get an advertising

According to Pietri, the hardships dealing with Olga, Miguel, Milagros, Olga, and Manuel were a consequence of the commercial program of exploitation in nyc. A life of miserable work is warranted by migrants who dream of a better existence at the expense of their own friends.

These desires These vacant aspirations through the make-believe bedrooms their unique parents leftover are usually the after-effects of television applications concerning perfect white american group with black maids and latino janitors who will be better prepare to manufacture everyone else and their costs lovers laugh at all of them and also the visitors they represent

Pietri argues that Puerto Rican migrants has permitted themselves is lured to the guarantee associated with the United states dream without halting to consider the consequences of materialistic culture.

They understood these people were born to weep and maintain morticians applied if they promise allegiance into the banner that wants them ruined They saw her brands listed in calling directory site of break down They were train to show additional cheek by tabloids that mispelled mispronounced and misinterpreted their brands and commemorated when passing came and took her best laundry solution

Just interested in the economic dimensions of migrant exploitation against Puerto Ricans in New York from the 1950a€™s onward, Pietri is similarly offended of the community pushback within his brand new home.

Juan died hating Miguel because Miguela€™s used-car was a student in best running condition than their used-car Miguel passed away hating Milagros because Milagros got a tone television set and he could not manage one but Milagros died hating Olga because Olga generated five bucks on similar task Olga passed away hating Manuel because Manuel got hit the figures more circumstances than she got smack the figures Manuel died hating every one of them Juan Miguel Milagros and Olga since they all spoke broken english considerably fluently than the guy performed

Now using aim from the internal conflicts due to the migrant event. No one is secure from degenerative period of racial discrimination and exploitation. Jealous of each people triumph also the Puerto Rican society have fallen victim to commodification.

Juan Miguel Milagros Olga Manuel will now do their very own thing in which gorgeous someone sing and boogie and come together where in fact the wind was a stranger to unhappy weather for which you do not need a dictionary to communicate with your folk Aqui Se Habla Espanol everyday Aqui you salute your banner initial Aqui there are not any switch detergent commercials Aqui people smells good Aqui television meals don’t have another Aqui the both women and men respect need rather than see sick and tired of one another Aqui Que Paso electricity are whata€™s happening Aqui are labeled as negrito ways to become known as ENJOY

Pietri stops the poem on an optimistic notice. a€?Aquia€? imply here. a€?Se Habla EspaA±ola€? right here we communicate Spanish. The guy over and over repeatedly mentions right here, referring to New York City in an effort to motivate self improvement in the community. The students Lords mission had been invested in reveal the facts of migrant exploitation but additionally to show individuals they are in charge of their particular resides. Selection procedure, primarily whenever everyone surrounding you feels they don’t really.