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I’m some of those with my mind constructed

I’m some of those with my mind constructed

Figured I’d update this bond for anyone curious. I purchased this ammo from midway, tested 4 rounds for corrosivness. Showed by evaluating yourself that it isnt corrosive, and grabbed they on the array. Shot a whole lot off my M1 as well as have had no corrosion progress after per week of sitting. Didn’t come with problems with the bullets often. Every round discharged without a hiccup. My personal batch is March ’69. POF 69. So this products try GTG if people cares. Oh without issues with the Clips that bullets will come in often. Everybody given and ejected like they can be meant to.

Most helpful bond on right here. I got myself some because I was thinking it will be cool having Garand bullets pre-loaded on films. Just after the purchase I really see and saw the Berdan primed :-(, after that this bond had gotten myself focused on corrosiveness. Thanks a lot. Have mine from Midway in addition.

I just gotten 3 cardboard boxes that i got myself off a forum user Joe who may have some easily obtainable in the classified listings part right here.

All of it are headstamped ’68 and packed in containers noted Dec. 30, 1968 (must have started on the point of make some noise on New Year’s, i suppose).

The bullets try, actually, non-magnetic. It really is all-in great, excess situation. No even worse (or a lot better than) the free HXP from CMP. No deterioration on some of the rounds save for normal discoloration and tarnish old.

Of 6 enbloc videos, I managed to get 2 postwar SA, 2 very demonstrably stamped BRW, one clipwith no markings (SA?) and one that I can’t make letters on. The movies on their own were pretty dried out but didn’t come with corrosion or corrosion; I permit them to drench in CLP for a while and cleaned it off, schließen as newer.

I simply do not faith that countless any POF-mfd milsurp bullets shall be sometimes consistent, non-chlorate-primed and/or OK

I’ven’t recorded it however but i really hope to make it to the number shortly. Hoping your non-corrosive testimony holds true because for a non-reloader like me these things will be an enjoyable choice. The enbloc films include a great positive. Yes CTD was attempting to sell cut HXP not too long ago (gone now) but the majority on the enblocs was JMO that I discover have-been burdensome for some.

I’m not a reloader however, and while i actually do rescue my personal metal anyhow to utilize as barter material or conserve for a wet day, obtaining the enblocs from inside the bargain mitigates that somewhat.

There are lots of most posts concerning the poor .303. It absolutely was full of cordite and also the cordite itself degraded into a powder creating some major troubles. I mightn’t touching that .303 bullets.

That being said, I would somewhat put it in a forum associate’s pouch

You will find recorded about a 1000 rounds of POF .308 through an FAL with no problems. The precision is okay, the metal was Berdan primed. Mine was mind stamped POF 91. It looks sexier than standard M80 or Spanish excess, but it operates. I recently start the fuel interface a bit.

There are many most threads in regards to the bad .303. It had been packed with cordite plus the cordite alone degraded into a powder triggering some major trouble. I would personallyn’t touch that .303 ammo.

That being said sugar daddy Fresno CA, I’d fairly place it in an online forum associate’s wallet

You will find shot about a 1000 rounds of POF .308 through an FAL without issues. The accuracy is okay, the brass was Berdan primed. Mine try mind stamped POF 91. It’s hotter than regular M80 or Spanish excess, but it operates. I just open up the gasoline interface slightly.